Friday, 13 March 2015

The Thief of Rage - The UK May Election

So then, with May fast approaching and spring in the air all the mad march hares are gambolling free whilst gambling with our collective futures. Mister Cameron is a liar. This is not an a statement meant to incite those who follow him, although he is the first Prime Minister in my lifetime not elected to office, to foam at the mouth in indignant rage. Nor is it an inflammatory remark engineered to appeal to the so called left of centre parties (spot one if you can.) No, stating that Mister Cameron is  a liar is merely stating fact. He said he would do one thing and he didn't, he said he would resign. He didn't do that thing, reduce immigration, so therefore his P45 should be swiftly dispatched. Sadly, for the sake of integrity only, he hasn't resigned but is overlooking his pledge and carrying on as though nothing was ever said. Not just carrying on but now behaving in such a petulant manner to beg the question - how old are you?

The petulance I refer to is his refusal to join the BBC's political debate with UKIP, Labour, The Greens and The Liberals. He has been invited but has declined. He is  not only taking huge risks in not being involved with those invited, a stance with pretensions of moral fairness, of greater democratic engagement, but of looking unconcerned by what others think. He want's other marginal parties to be involved in the cross firing examination of issues and policies. Fair enough you might say but is it? Of course it is but is it feasible and who is organising this debate? The answer is TV corporations who, in all fairness, can only ask a certain cross section of the political spectrum to debate the issues bugging us all. This is not to suggest excluding anyone party for the sake of censoring them, nor of being undemocratic, but recognising the burden of logistics which only allows those parties with sufficient clout to join. Mister Cameron must realise how disgruntled the British public are with his ineffective and wantonly destructive policies that he feels the need to regain some sort of vapid, and false, dignity by attempting to manipulate events the better to suit his own ambitions. What he in fact looks is precisely what he is, an also ran.

Nigel Farage on the other hand is alarming us all with his claims to not being aware, of not knowing what is causing climate change. I think Nige is still calling it global warming a term both misleading and an invention of the gutter press. Nige, what's there not to be aware of? The planet is changing, the environment has been for a number of years. We have the measurements taken from many years ago which when analysed against current data reveal a planet whose temperature is rising. The only thing we do not categorically know is if we humans are wholly responsible for it. I doubt we are but nonetheless by virtue of our being here, by our growth in numbers, let alone the industrial levels of carbon dioxide we release, we are a significant contributory factor. This question mark placed over whether we have added or not to the problem is immaterial. What fool would want to jeopardise the planet our children will inherit just for the sake of playing the pedant? Nigel Farage apparently.

UKIP still insist that their two policy manifesto is the cure all for the ills assailing these islands, that by stopping the march of migrants they will somehow improve our lot. Even with their recent U turn courtesy of beer swilling, fag smoking, every day man of the manor born Nige, who dropped the party plan for a 50,000 cap on annual net migration to Britain, elements of the voting pubic like this man and his party. Ever in need of another leader it seems unbelievable they would so soon forget Tony Blair.  This is fallacy over immigration is of course not only nonsense but dishonest. The problem is not one of migration,  but of movement and of businesses wanting to hire the low paid worker the better to keep their overheads down. How will UKIP defy those they seek to utilise in the reconstructing of our much maligned industries?

Nigel has said he is the only politician keeping the flame of Thatcherism alive. Well, no mate, sorry to disabuse you but you are not. Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Milliband are doing that as did Blair, Brown and Major before them. That, in a nut shell, is the core of the problem. We are still, as are virtually all of the political parties, Greens and SNP excluded, in thrall to that odious, trickle down philosophy.

What is needed is radical change not more of the same. Thatcherism at best got the nation's economy back on track even if it did so in a soulless manner that disregarded the greater part of the UK community. What we need now is a party who will re-instate a nationalised railway and postal system; a party that will provide the NHS with the wherewithal to maintain and improve a magnificent health care scheme; a party that will get rid of Trident and use the costs to build such savage weapons of mass destruction and spend the monies on the welfare state; a party who recognises that immigration isn't the problem; a party who will protect OUR NHS, OUR schools, OUR railways and other public services in public hands; a party who will provide a fair and resilient local economy that puts people and local jobs first; a party that provides better quality, affordable, secure housing that meets local demand; a party that provides affordable energy, radical action to tackle climate change, protecting our way of life; a party who seeks a better, fairer distribution of wealth. A non-nationalist party, a globally integrated movement that sees the bigger picture, that sees the power of individuals committed to  the community. Neither Liberal's, Labour, Conservative's nor UKIP provide that alternative. I for one am fed-up with the same-old-same-old. I would like to see a party for change.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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Rose LeMort said...

I don't know the specific ins and outs of those screwing you all over across the pond. But I certainly do know that whenever politicians are involved, people are getting screwed over!

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