Saturday, 7 March 2015

Duffy's Diary 1

Thumbscrew and Ria

Lately life has been good. Following my stroke, from which I have seemingly made a full recovery, I have seen more of Thumbscrew and Ria, also Squid, Baby Tweezil and my son-in-law Brett. They, Brett and Grace, are getting married in June in the church on the hill. That church by the way, very tiny as it overlooks Ashingdon, Canewdon, Paglesham and the surrounding area, is one of the oldest churches in England. It will celebrate its millennia in 2020.

The amusing thing with the wedding, 6th June, is that Grace, unlike big sister Emily, does not buy stuff that is top of the range. She is very astute, not that Thumbscrew isn’t, but Grace doesn’t buy that which she sees as being overpriced. Consequently, the wedding is a low budget affair with a very much D.I.Y approach. Hence my wife and I are getting dragged in, with little protests it has to be said, to help.
My hand writing is not, in my opinion, particularly beautiful or attractive. It is, however, very distinctive especially when I use a decent pen. Tweezil (Brett like most blokes nods and smiles in all the right places but has very little import in the wedding itself) asked me to write, using silver ink onto black card, invites. She gave me the paper and I bought the pens. Trouble was she only gave me precisely the amount of pre-folded card without any to practise on! All done now with each card, and all bespoke, finished. She also asked if I would compose a poem in cheeky mode asking the invited to give money rather than gifts which I did. Very pleased with it too.
"Here we are happy as can be,
Her and him and wait and see.
So now we're off as bride and groom
Thinking of our honeymoon.
To help us reach our dream location
We'd like to ask for a cash donation."

Brett and er, well, I recognise the face but can't put a name to it
Oddly, I feel a great deal of emotion regarding the marriage. I love Brett and couldn’t wish for a better son-in-law and it goes without saying that I love Baby Grace but each time I see my youngest daughter in her dress I cry. Never thought I would but there you have it. Just call me a wuss.
Being unwell makes you take stock. I saw others in the ward I was on who had had far worse strokes than mine, some of them unable to move anything other than one arm, some unable to walk or communicate in anything other than the most rudimentary of grunts. I was bloody lucky.
"Should I smile yet?"...."Too late"

Even the situation that existed  between my wife, Jasmine, and I seems to have taken on a warmer aspect. My mum sadly lost her baby sister, Maureen, of liver cancer recently but is too unwell to make the journey to Devon. A trip of something like 300 miles. She wants me to go to represent her. Something I'll gladly do, Since separating from Jasmine I have no car. Jasmine has said I can use hers which is a very generous offer and one which I gratefully accepted.
Also I have finished writing book five in the Fekenham series. Book five is in actual fact book eight by dint of the odd way I work. With a series that moves in chronological order with some stories occurring at the same, or within a similar time frame, when I write I have books linked. What I have done is to create a fictional world with many events happening often at the same time. Hence books 1, 2 and 3 run in order with book 3 and a half being directly connected to book three. This of course means book three and half is in reality book four. Are you keeping up with me here? I know it may seem mad but it makes sense to me.
I am now revising and amending the newly completed book. Going over it, correcting silly spelling mistakes, digging out any tautology along with those grammatical errors that plague my work. Hopefully, when I finally get a publisher, they will appoint an editor who can take me firmly in hand. Hmmm, on that note I hope she is Latin looking with dark brown eyes and a strong grip.

PS. My latest 'review' can be found on New London Writers here...

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.


Cara H said...

I'm very relieved that your stroke was of the sort where you were able to make a good recovery. My father wasn't so fortunate. He was the sort of person who never went to the doctor unless he was deathly ill, and he didn't know he had high blood pressure.
I'm glad for the wonderful people you have in your life. It's okay to be a "wuss" about your daughter getting married. I was a wuss about my son graduating from high school.

Anonymous said...

A votre santé! Best wishes for a continued recovery and your ongoing literary success.

Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I do hope you continue to enjoy the posts. Léa

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