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The Thief of Rage - Anjem Choudary

"You see we don't believe in the concepts of freedom and democracy. We believe sovereignty belongs to God."

It is the realization of all you are suddenly being there in front of you in black and white allowing all your aggressive male insecurities to rise giving vent to the rage, the anger, the hatred you have stored for years, to be given justification. Not just in the eyes of your fellow man but in the divinity of the deity you claim to follow whose logic you shackle to your own frail intellect seeking to find only that which proves usable for your hollow voice to hijack. You slip around the text cherry picking bits you identify with. The bits that vindicate your twisted spirit.

Years ago I had the privilege to work with a great many Muslims none of whom were anything like Mister Choudary although all were devout. I recall two young Pakistani's forever leaping to their feet every time I went to make them and myself tea. I asked another Muslim, an older chap born in Britain, why the lads from Pakistan didn't like the tea I made. He laughed assuring me it had nothing to with my tea but my age. 'My age?' I exploded indignant at 51 to be thought as old or 'past it.' 'It is a mark of respect,' he told me.
I pity those genuine Muslims who have to bear witness to the likes of men like Anjem Choudary, men who really have been born at the wrong time in history for surely Mister Choudary, no matter his convictions, must realize that the more he says, each sentence he speaks, each word he pronounces, every syllable he utters only goes to reduce the deity he proclaims to devotedly follow to an abysmally small and tragically powerless figure. For each act of sanguine violence committed by Anjem Choudary as he supports those who kill others apparently on behalf of Allah, he is, in fact, revealing not that deities wishes but rather his and their own. If Allah is supreme He would not need the likes of Anjem Choudary or ISIS or Al Qaeda to enforce his law. He would do it himself. 

Mister Choudary is confident that by the middle of this century Britain will be an Islamic nation. He also states that Britain is not a multi-cultural society. He says he could not live in a country such as Turkey or Syria as he and his family would be killed. He decries Britain, and goodness knows it has multiple failings, yet still resides here. He would seek to silence freedom of speech.

"Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. Therefore, Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression, as their speech and actions are determined by divine revelation and not based on people's desires."

Should we, therefore, take a leaf out of his book? Should we prevent him from saying what is on his mind, what is in his heart? Should we not be equally offended to learn his intention to turn Britain into a dictatorial state? Should we allow extremists, outraged at his statements to murder him and his family in the way two fundamentalists did the French journalists?

No. We are better than that. He has a voice. Let him speak. We can so easily just turn our ears away and not listen as could the two murderers affronted by a cartoon of The Prophet before they shot the staff of Charlie Hebdo.
Those Godly souls who enter their Mosques to worship must flinch whenever this charmingly deceptive individual spouts more of his noxious bile. They needn't worry, though. The world has seen many a lunatic, some in brown shirts, some in impressive suits, walk this earth. We know Islam is nothing like the way this man portrays it.
No, I am wrong, do not pity good Muslims, praise them for they too have condemned that evil attack in Paris. Instead, pity him. His marbles are not his own. Someone is kicking them around a dusty cave in darkest bedlam.
Anjem Choudary

"The sharia has a penal code, it has a foreign policy, it has an economic system, therefore it cannot exist or coexist with capitalism or communism, which are also political beliefs."
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