Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Thief of Rage - The Islamic State and Humanitarian Aid

As someone who despises war I find myself at odds with current events in Iraq. Hearing, and then seeing televisual images of, atrocities being committed by what can only be described as a group of sadistic megalomaniacs defying not only the religion they purport to follow but usurping the impotent deity they claim to believe in, I think David Cameron's act of supporting the United States coalition is right. There is but one proviso. The war waged must be as an act to provide humanitarian aid to innocent Iraqi's.
Simply sticking to a pacifist principle when children are being murdered and abused, no matter the clash of morals, is an unbelievably cruel thing to do. We cannot sit idly by watching cut throat bandits maul and mutilate defenceless people. To do so would be a far greater sin, it would be tantamount to ignoring every decent human code. I support the act of war being waged upon these fake Muslims who are nothing more than a gang of people who need an excuse to enact inhuman atrocities. My only reservation is that the war waged must be only as a method to protect innocent Iraqi's. It should not be a war whose sole aim is to destroy a given enemy.
Surely Allah is powerful enough to exact his own judgement? He really doesn't need unprincipled unbelievers, and the Islamic State is certainly that - we have the evidence, we have the proof, beheading non-combatants is anti-Islam - to do his dirty work for him.
The threat of this large army, like the Vandals before them, is worrying. Islamic State forces are now nearing Turkey, a country keen to join the European Union. It unfairly falls upon Turkey to be the cushion between central Europe and these vile murderers, to battle against a force whose army numbers tens of thousands whilst sitting safe and secure miles distant countries of wealth look fearfully on.
But it is the humanitarian aid, the sole reason I support this war against the IS, that bothers me slightly. You see the same concerns were not shown when similar inhumane acts were visited on the children of Palestine nor indeed was anything done when the same was happening in Syria. Why not?
Politics is a grubby, dishonest game played in great part by those seeking power, not always to do good. Often it is to who kowtow to certain factions as it suits their party and their purses and those who provide their funds.
In an ideal world there would be no boundaries (another man made concept), there would be one global law, one global law enforcement agency. Sadly we don't have that. What we do have is a muted public whose votes count less than the Imperial corporates and those that run them leaving Presidents and Prime Ministers lame effigies. You would like to think that what we think counts when we cast our votes wouldn't you but sadly that is not the case.
The war on the Islamic State is just. Defending the lives of innocent provides that justification. If it does so for Iraq then why not Palestine and why not Syria?

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