Monday, 13 October 2014

Dum but not Dumber, the Dum Dum Girls

Shoe-gazers and bed-wetter's suggest this all girl band are Indie. More excremental turd tossing from those who know fuck-all about modern music. They are a fine four-piece playing some decent, if retrospective guitar based music that owes a great deal to the late sixties, mid-seventies pop/punk explosion. A little sweeter perhaps but equally melodic and driven. There is an edge to their creativity which gives their output a feeling of depth, of being not that pleased at living in an age where X marks the spot but not as accurately as they would like it. In other words, these girls are answerable to no one apart from themselves. Their music traces its origins to the likes of The Stooges, The Ramones, The Slits and NYC New Wave. It slaps the face encouraging its audience to wake up.

Justine Frischmann would surely approve as would Iggy. These Dum Dum's are not copyists but like Elastica have similar influences. What I like is their thrust that spits its gnarled charm at you. That sudden rush of attitude and displeasure that resurfaces now and again to let us know music still can have a fervour to it. "Just A Creep" from 2011's 'Only In Dreams' albums with its bilious sneer and its wonderful hand claps reminds a chap of a certain vintage, of a time post early seventies, repeated again mid that decade and again late eighties early nineties, how disaffected people of different generations can share similar views.
Attitude matters. It may sometimes bruise. So what? Should we sit idly on our arses without complaint of how life now (and then) has to be led? The answer to that is no. I think it fine and dandy for bands to pick up the baton and challenge all and any complacent fuckers out there. Life is after all far too short.
These guys harken back to my previous post regarding that wonderful comic 'Love and Rockets' of Maggie and Hopey. They, The Dum Dum Girls could be of that publication. They could, in fact, be straight out of Mechanics.

The Dum Dum Girls are American. Formed in 2008 less a garage band and more bed-sit affair with Kristin Welchez, known as Dee Dee, working her songs into a cohesive order. She, who took the Dee Dee (possibly) from famed Ramone, half-inched the Dum Dum epithet from The Vaselines but also threw in Iggy Pop's 'Dum Dum Boys' With these armbands metaphorically worn the band went on to record a couple of EP's, did the obligatory touring and then released, in 2009, their debut album "I Will Be" too much acclaim. This was followed by 2011's aforementioned 'Only In Dreams' and then "Too True" released in January 2014.

 Excellent albums all.

If you like me enjoy the sound of a band capable of having fun whilst displaying more attitude than the phlegm spat from a punks mouth then you too should like, if you haven't already, The Dum Dum Girls.

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