Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Thief of Rage - Goodbye the Union?

For once democracy is seen to be working and, quoting Bob Dylan, "Times they are a changing." Quite right too. I rather admire the Scots who, unlike the rest of the decaying Union, haven't simply stood idle as Cameron. Clegg and Co; have systematically, in the name of good fiscal government, brought the poor to their knees and raised the rich to new levels of  wealth. Where the English have complacently sat around mumbling mild obscenities, wishing that Thatcher or Blair or some other false idol were still in charge, the brave hearts of Scotland have declared they have had enough. Effectively they are protecting all the things we down south say we value yet do bugger all to ensure its long term function.
Alex Salmond may look like a bit part actor from a Norman Wisdom film but he has more pizzazz, more get up and go than any of his English counterparts. The fact he is destroying the worlds oldest, and still very successful unions is both tragic and questionable. However, notwithstanding the claims he is merely looking after his own interests, he in reality is doing everything any true progressive government does and that is taking care of things that matter in his country. He has been called a bully by the media, perhaps he is, I don't know. All I know is he has initiated the debate, instilled a sense of nationalism (something I detest) and then ignited the fuse wire that is the referendum. At this moment in time, as much as I am pro-unionist, his Scotland has a far better life style than we English have.
David Cameron and Nick Clegg are also-rans. They lack any form of spine. The are lame copies of Tony Blair lacking any vision and happy to hide behind their austerity measures claiming that is the only way to ride out the depression. They didn't call it such but that is what it was. This patently isn't the case as shown by Scotland. Cameron and Clegg have not so much eroded the good things we had between 1997 and 2007 blaming said depression on the previous government, as they have taken an axe to twig, limb, branch and trunk and hacked the living life out of Britain leaving the NHS and education in an appalling mess whilst the moral of the country lies somewhere in the gutter. Even now, as they peacock about Downing Street, a zillion miles away from the people, they tell us all is well and by their actions Britain is back on track.
Rubbish. We are one of the wealthiest nations in the world and yet we sacrifice health and education in the light of commerce. Something wrong somewhere.
Ed Milliband is leader of the Labour party. No he isn't. There is no Labour party. At least not one recognisable as such. What we now have is an American style Democratic Party, fine if you live stateside but not over here. Back when Blair and Ashdown had their meetings to discuss the merging of the  Labour and Liberal Parties the idea was dismissed and yet that is now what we find we have. Two parties with very similar concepts but not one who truly subscribes to, so that we can identify with, a bona fide Labour movement. This singular lack of political thrust has left a huge gap in both England and Scotland's political landscape, a gap that has left the field open for Alex Salmond to waltz into.
Scotland's imminent leaving of the union will have a drastic impact on the English. Not so much our wealth but our social well being. If the SNP get their way, and it looks like they will, they will retain a far better social caring society. We won't.
Why a nation would want to leave the oldest, and successful of unions to join another less so and struggling at this moment in time, is beyond me but that is democracy for you. The impact upon the English in financial terms is yet to be seen. However, socialism will find it has feet of clay as the English, certainly those down south, all wear a distinctive blue on their armbands and not the red recognised universally as socialism.
As I said, I admire the Scot's for having the balls to stand up and say 'enough is enough.' I only wish we had that self same attitude.
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