Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Thief of Rage - The Extremes of the Islamic State and Humanitarian Aid

America's involvement in tackling the IS should be applauded. As much as I dislike war I despise one faction dictating to another. When that body then starts a regime of ethnic cleansing that includes the murder of innocents, of children, mothers and unarmed families, they have broken the laws of humanity and should be dealt with as expediently and as totally as possible. I for one welcome both America and Britain's stance against these fundamental lunatics who not only inflict their murderous will on others but also stir the pot of hatred so that good natured Muslims feel exposed to the wrath and hatred caused by these vile acts. Those Muslims are guilt free unless it be by association and by virtue of the words in the Koran that support Jihadists. The one thing the Koran doesn't support though is the slaughter of non-combatants and that is precisely what IS have been doing. Contemporary Islam has every right to say that these terrorist, that the Islamic State is anything but Muslim - they are not, all the yare is dictatorial outlaws similar in ideology to the Nazi Party.
The fact we in the West have yet again to wage war is unpleasant but in this instance, under these circumstances, it is right to do so. My only query then is, looking deeper into the whole sorry state of the Middle-East, why, when issues of humanitarian aid is required, do we only act against those forces it is politically suitable to attack and not rush to the aid of the same innocents in Syria or Gaza? Obliviously with Syria we now need to act with someone who is only slightly less reprehensible than the alternative. That is politics for you proving politics suck. Oh grow up I hear you cry. Stop dreaming. Get real. My answer is that without dreamers we would not have the welfare state, pensions, heath care of humanitarian aid.
For now though forget Syria (rather too conveniently perhaps) and focus on Gaza. Why did we do nothing at a time when children were being murdered by Israel? The answer is the same - politics. What a shameful excuse for human beings our political leaders are. And what a sad impotent lot are the voting millions who still place their X's against the same old tired parties. 
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