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The Thief of Rage - Paedophilia

The fact Jimmy Savile escaped justice is something that gnaws at me. His sexual perversions were so great, so far ranging and over such a long period, that he could now be given his own unique classification - Savilist. He not only abused young girls and boys but also adults and, more disturbingly, corpses. His victim count has reached a staggering 400 people. How he managed to escape prosecution following decades of abuse remains a mystery. His escape from imprisonment doesn’t – the vile man died shortly before his sordid goings on finally came to light. How I wish he had lived a little longer.

When rumours of Rolf Harris’s alleged abuses came to light I was at first horrified. Largely because I didn't want to believe it to be true. Savile I had never liked and all revelations proved less shocking than those of the man whose personality appeared the reverse of his BBC colleagues. Why, Rolf Harris had appeared on the delectable Kate Bush’s exceptional album ‘Aerial.’ It was he, ironically, who sang 'Two Little Boys' He simply couldn’t be the man his accusers made him out to be.  Sadly he was. Proof positive found him guilty and on 30th June of this year he was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison following twelve charges of indecent assault carried out between 1969 and 1986 on victims as young as 8.

Five years is a woefully short sentence, even for a man in his eighties, for such crimes – ten would be far more just. Harris has subsequently been attacked whilst in prison. I understand how those who spat at him, even though the spit never fell on him, must have felt. My initial reaction was to take a rusty blade and hack off the man’s genitalia. That, of course, is an act of revenge after the event. Such acts, no matter how understandable, do not help solve the issue. And make no mistake this is something that will never go away unless we deal with it.
Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder, a mental health problem. Whilst there should be no lack of the severest punishment for those caught abusing children the same stringent law should be applied to those who seek retribution after the event.

The media have now constructed a false impression, due in no little part to ‘Operation Yew Tree,’ that a large network of paedophiles have long been active. This may be so. Although the investigations had to be undertaken so as to get to the source of the problem, to learn the who and the when, a harsh truth has taken a back seat in preference to the glare of the celebrity spotlight
Savile was scum of the lowest order, Rolf Harris little better any more than is Stuart Hall. They are not, however convenient it may be, where the larger problem lies. Yes, they were/are all paedophiles and yes all deserve long term prison sentences but still that dark, unpleasant truth remains. It is by and large family members who abuse children, aunts and cousins, mothers and sister, friends and nephews. If, as we are now being led to believe, there exists and has existed for many years a sort of paedophilic hierarchy that includes celebrities and senior members of state then let justice prevail. Let those worst of villains, far worse than gangsters in my opinion, be tried, found guilty and then put away for a long, long time.  

Following the justifiable outrage at Savile and co; a modern day witch hunt for paedophiles has begun. You see it in the headlines of the cheap shot rags, the gutter press, you hear it down the pub where men illustrate precisely what they would do should they catch one of those filthy bastards. This retrospective chest beating does nothing apart from make those who made excuses for Uncle Tommy’s odd way with children feel a little less guilty for denying the facts in the first place, for having covered up, for having not believed the children who told them of the familial crime.. Guilt transference helps no one apart from those who feel its pinch. To deal with paedophiles we need, as I have already said, laws that deal strongly with them. We also need for those poor souls who wish they didn’t feel the way they do about children to be able to come forward and seek help.

We need to find a cure for this mental health problem not excuses or back street executions. Strong justice for the abusers with sound medical help to find a solution to prevent the same thing happening over and over again. The problem is though that that sort of thinking provokes another kind of outrage. Accusations will fly of being woolly headed, of inert liberalism. Action is seen as instant but sadly there is no instant action to cure this malicious mental malaise.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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Cara H said...

Five years? That's a slap on the wrist and a slap in the face to the victims of his deplorable behavior.
Thing is, people such as him are not redeemable. He should be in a controlled environment for life. I suppose he got such a light sentence because he was an influential person. The average Joe Blow would not have gotten away so easily, I'm sure.
There are people who can be called pedophiles who try not to act on their impulses. These people can probably be helped, but they must work with a professional. I don't put them in the same category as someone like Saville. He has done unbelievable harm to many people. He should never be allowed in public again.

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