Friday, 2 May 2014

Frank Zappa Speaks 2

 "Democracy is one of those things that looks good on paper, but we've come to a crossroads in contemporary America where we really ought to decide, Do we *want* it? When you have a preponderance of people in this country who will willingly accept censorship- in fact, *ask* for it, *demand* it in the case of the Gulf War- you've got a problem. 

Asked random questions about the First Amendment and how they would like to have it applied, if you believe in polls at all, the average American wants no part of it. But if you ask, "What if we threw the Constitution away tomorrow?" the answer is "No, that would be bad!" But living under the Constitution is another story altogether. 

I've come to the conclusion that there's only one party in this country and it's divided into two parts: Republicans and Republican wannabes. Republicans stand for evil, corruption, manipulation, greed- everything that Americans think is okay after being conditioned to it during the eighties. Republicans stand for all the values that Americans now hold dear. Plus they have more balloons than God, and for a nation raised on cartoons, that tells you something. Anybody with balloons, they're okay. They don't tell you what kind of crippled people had to blow those suckers up. 

The Democrats have no agenda, and when they speak on any topic, they want to sound as Republican as possible while still finding a way to retain the pork. I'll be blunt with you: I'm considering running for president as a nonpartisan candidate because I am sick to death of this stuff. The "news bath" is not a warming experience; it makes me deranged for four or five hours a day. 

On a show for Bill Moyers called "The Class of the Twentieth Century" I said that the faces that really belong on Mount Rushmore are J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy and Walter Winchell and Hedda Hopper and maybe even Roy Cohn and Michael Milken, because  they've had the greatest impact on American society. They have shaped the way things are done in this country. One of the problems with the world in which we live is that people have become accustomed to lies upon lies upon lies."

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X. Dell said...

While I agree with some of Zappa's sentiments here, I think I'd have many more objections to them.

One thing that does resonate with me is who dissimilar the two major parties really are. Then again, that should come as little surprise if both are sucking on the corporate teat.

As for "democracy," I think that's a little too narrow of a definition. If one thinks in terms of decentralization of power, then isms and cracies don't mean much outside a semantic context.

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

We, The People, haven't a clue. We need people like Zappa to help us out of our dullness and make us think. They don't have to be right, they just have to prod the cattle.

Russell Duffy said...

Hi X-Dell. Your thoughts and comments always welcome and always sharp and intelligent. I have no right to comment on USA politics unless it collides with the UK's or, as in the case of George wubble yew, we get caught up in a conflict we have no right being in. Having said that I think I think Tony Blair wasequally culpable. I think people like Zappa and myself, our views as such, can be best summed up by another musician, Englishman Robert Wyatt who said, and I paraphrase here - "We don't want to steer the ship only fill the sails with wind." In other words we stir up thought. We activists produced material for others to mull over. I think that is what Frank Zappa was doing and some while ago now too.

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