Saturday, 16 April 2005

Erotica 3 - Starlight through Clouds


We have never met and still I feel as if I know you. An intimacy exists in silent syllables. Dream words scribbled by a phosphorous stylus that bends electrical impulses into digital counterfeits, winged words that fly on cumulous and nimbus like sky bound driftwood.

I know the texture of your skin, the dips and curves of your spine, the way your buttocks flinch and contract when my fingers touch your coccyx, the harmony between your skin colour and iris that lights my eye and melts my heart, the way you lay on your bed with one knee raised as if to protect your sex from view, or the way you cross those divine sculptured ankles, ankles as pristine and as fragile as delicate porcelain, the way you embrace me with arms thrown upward and outward to welcome my naked body, the way your mouth moves onto me warm and moist and delicate. The natural way you raise me with gentle slow motions, the way your hand cups my testicles and manipulates them till my flesh screams.

And I want you.

In the dream you instinctively know my wants and needs as you kiss me with hints of passion and patience.

We kiss now, my mouth moves down your throat nuzzling the warm depths of your neck. My hands move as though they were feathered birds fluttering over the swell of your breasts, fingers teasing your nipples, tongue flicks to wet their hardening rise. I blow a soft and gentle and cool breath and they grow hard and long.

Your belly flexes to my fingertip touch and I plant butterfly kisses around your navel. I feel the richness of your hips, the fullness of your thighs as I caress the tantalising smoothness of your skin. Electric sensations course through us both as we answer the animal instincts that call to us.

The bear growl, lion bite, panther prowling around the dark musk of our midnight minds. My fingers find the silken swell of your lips that tremble to my touch, your hips rise to greet my mouth that fastens onto your musky entrance as my tongue explores the contours, the orchid divine sweetness of your secret depths..

Swollen desires flood with the blood of passion and your hand lends me grace to enter so I slide into that velvet warmth as we both shudder with expectant delight. My thrusts burn us so we roll like thunder beneath a cotton sky, our teeth clash as your nails scratch deep lines on my back and I drive myself deeper, harder into your soft, weeping heart. You will me on with whispered words that feed and fuel my throbbing hardness: crude, base words by the dawn light but now the poetry of unthinking desire. Each time we are about to climax we slow our passion and resume our  kissing, our carousel caressing until, finally, we can delay no more and I throw all my weight behind my final, furious thrusts that gain in tempo and violence and then explode within you.

White light, white heat overcomes us, a drug that fills every sense and every nerve ending leavings us sheathed in sweat, breathless but complete, a fusion of flesh in glorious union

Afterwards we lay in each other’s embrace, you on your back with your legs apart - me on my side with my hand resting upon your crutch. When we sleep it is the sleep of the fulfilled.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.


LeeKwo said...

Great work Russell so vivid and personal I had to hide my eyes in some parts but then its been a long time since I seen a woman like yrs I can tell you/and know she is in my imagination and causing all kind of trouble did she bring me there or did I pick her up?/I will never know when I got home the suitcase by the door is gone/I guess Im at that age where you write the leaving me or just left me prose/Not much fuking glamorous or otherwise

Russell Duffy said...

Lee>>>Always good to have your feed back. I hold you in high regard so compliments are always well received. This is very much my imagination, my fantasy in fact. Like you the days are now filled with vague memories and some regrets. Cheers. Russell

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