Monday, 10 February 2014

Albano Ruela

Portus Cale was the Roman name for one of the contemporary world’s more progressive countries – Portugal. It is a land of peaceful intent; global in outlook, democratic in its politics and encouraging creativity in myriad of ways. 
Aveiro, Portugal is where one Albano Ruela was born on a day in February, 1968. Politics to one side, Ruela, as we all know and call him, reflects the modern heart of the Portuguese yet manages to exemplify its traditions at the same time. A tradition born out of constant reinvention much like the artist featured here.

Trying to find a spot to place Ruela is hard; he shifts from one exciting project to another like quicksilver on a copper plate. He sculpts, he paints, me makes films, he creates images both exciting and exacting. Always inventive, forever pushing the envelope.
His art is like the music he listens to – the incendiary spark of punk, the dark imaginings of Goth, the wilful wanderings of the experimental - nova hot, ice cool, muscular and testosterone driven.

His spontaneity allows him the flexibility, the fluidity to move with mercurial grace. Dark thoughts shimmer with automatic sketches flowing into Francis Bacon like images; sometimes horrifying, always thought provoking. Sometimes his work exudes a feral quality, visceral and raw. It is if his own heart beats through the medium of his art. His recent spate of “What’s in Your Bag” series had more invention than Einstein in a physics lab, more drive than a Bugatti.

For me it is the energy Ruela invests in his work, the sheer vitality and exuberance  that shivers from his work in palpable waves that grabs my attention. It is an almost physical art which doesn't so much as invite you to look but demands it. There is that edge, that thrust that brooks no compromise. It is an art that walks as close to the edge without crashing the car as you can get.

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Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.


LeeKwo said...

Great work Russell and a clever idea to review yr friends/Regards Lee Kwo

Ruela said...

Thanx mate, your words are like flowers at my feet. Great piece!

murmurists said...

You're a lovely man, Russell. Your appraisal is, too, spot on. Mighty Ruela - our friend x

Russell Duffy said...

Thanks to all who, much like me, enjoy and appreciate Ruela's work.

Ruela said...

thanks my friends! all the best!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Yeah loved seeing you again on Russell's pages. Great stuff Ruela!

Ruela said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruela said...

thanks Russell's :)

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