Monday, 7 October 2013

"Tell Me Why?"

It is Monday, the first day of the working work so lets deal with first things first...

George, Bungle and Zippy

I see that the three main UK political parties are swinging their own lead in the manner of the annual party conferences. New Labour seems stuck in some Atlee a foretime, around the 1945 to ’48 period I fancy, spouting socialism sent to rescue us from the recent doldrums we have had to live through - blaming it all on the Conservatives who, unfailingly and with circus carousel kinetosis, pass the blame back. If the recent economic downturn can indeed be attributed to anyone political party I hardly think the time after World War 2 favours similar comparison. If Labour were New and reinvented under pink Tory Blair they are increasing the pantone back to deep magenta. You should not judge a man by his mannerisms but Ed the talking pantomime horse irritates me.
David Cameron on the other hand seems to be waking from a nightmare into a rather pleasant daydream. The economy is on the upswing (again) and things look vaguely positive in the country. Of course the drug that caused the slump and with it the horror he inherited is still pumping through his and every other British politicians arteries. Dave’s answer to this is to go all Philip Larkin, all soppy-stern and waggle his finger skyward as he stares fixedly with as much passion he can muster and tell us all how he and his party have put us back on the right track. It is the same track we were on before Dave and lord knows how many times we have crashed. The drug mentioned earlier must be laudanum and our PM patently swigs gutfull’s of the stuff enabling him to bore us rigid.

Then there is Nick Clegg. Honest Nick who surprised us all with his candour and fresh lick of paint - albeit with shades of vermillion Blair. He pointed out that the immigration issue that the nation feared was not such an easy to thing to deal with as no one, if they were to be honest and stopped jumping on the populist bandwagon, knew quite how many illegals had slipped beneath the radar and how finding them was nigh on impossible. The same N.C who swore his Liberal Democrat party were passionate about education and who then, as soon as the seat of power became too great a motivation to let go did a smart U turn and upped the cost of education - less honest with an aitch and more hypocrite with same.

To quote myself, a very self-promoting thing to do I know, - “it’s the same old drama, it’s the same old scene.” Ain’t it just?

The second thing is nostalgia.

Have you noticed how the telly is filled with it these days?

The cast of the Feminist (go for it girls) Bletchley Circle
‘Downton Abbey’ leading the pack with the formidable Maggie Smith (she’s an Essex Girl dontcha know?) but followed in no particular order by 'Endeavour,' 'The Bletchley Circle,' 'Call The Midwife,' 'Foyles War' and now a thingy set in the '60's.. I enjoy these dramas as much as the next man but cannot help but wonder if the recession  as mentioned in previous section, has something to do with it; TV programs acting as a sort of a balm to remind us how good things were back then - If only eh?

My personal discomfiture occurs when, sitting watching with my daughters, a scene from the Midwife Wossaname depicts the same London Whitechapel Hospital I was outpatient to during my youth. "You weren't born in that era were you dad?"..."er, actually I was."..."why it is positively antique!"...Thanks.

And finally a PS. I saw in UK magazine, one of those gas 'n gossip rags, a photo of Dawn French with the banner declaring. "And now she's even bigger. Dawn puts on 2 stone'  Who cares?Good job too. All the more for me to fantasise about.

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Anonymous said...

I know the U.K. has its share of asshats in politics, but your bunch seems positively charming compared to the bunch responsible for shutting down the government here.

Russell C.J. Duffy said...

thecheesewhines>>>Appearances can be deceptive; remember Dresden, remember Churchill. We English are good at two things - exceptionally good in fact.
The first is in appearing charm and politeness personified and the second is war. Politics over here is different to over with you. You guys are more reverential to your congressmen. We simply disbeleive the lot of them and abuse them accordingly. This makes them, the MP's that is, all the more subtle in their image. We still vote for them though so in that we are no different. I think the White Queen was right..."Orf Wiv Their 'eads!"

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