Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Thief of Rage - Boris Johnson and the Return of Classical Liberalism?

Recent surveys, taken a across a broad spectrum of the UK young and recently published in The Economist, have indicated that the generation aged between 18 to 35 care little about the ways of politics. Unlike the notorious X generation, the punks born '66 to '76, or the anti-establishment left wing forces of the baby boomers circa 1945 to 1966 these new chaps and chapesses do not favour the welfare state in quite the way the previous generation did. They, the new lot, dislike centrally controlled government, do not like paying taxes but are slightly less concerned, but only slightly mind, about immigration. They just want those employed to run the country to get on with it and stop faffing around.
The suggestion has been made that these, the next wave as it were of the UK's voting sector, are in fact neither Tory nor Labour but are very much like those old style Liberals, the ones who formulated the American dream, who desired freedom of speech, protection of individual freedoms but who also supported a free market. This new spirit owes a lot to education as many of those who were polled, working class and middle, have benefited from attending universities. Ironic when you think the present coalition seem hell bent on charging extortionate amounts for the privilege.
This makes me wonder who, of all the lacklustre crew of current politicians would John Locke, Adam Smith or good old William Gladstone select as their candidate?  Boris perhaps?

It also makes me wonder where have all the young rebels gone? Where are the hopes and desires to make a new, better world? Dashed on the rocks of apathy apparently.

2015. The next general election?

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Adam Everhard said...

They sound rather similar to their Republican cousins across the pond. This bunch talks a big game about "small government," but what this really means is a government that does nothing for the good of the people. However, it's perfectly happy to dictate the people's private lives, including reproduction and sexual behavior between consenting adults. They're very interested in having every pregnancy carried to term, but once the baby is born, there is no help to be had.
Talking about taxes, they talk a good game about lowering taxes. Less funding for such things as education and welfare, but you can be sure that the Military will still get a big piece of the pie.
Same shit, spoken with differing accents.

Russell C.J. Duffy said...

Adam>>>I am not sure I like these guys any more than I do any other political persuasion but these are very much NOT Republicans or Conservatives. I don't think they are anti abortion of anti gays. They sort of sit somewhere centre of left.

Russell C.J. Duffy said...

PS. I also have to stress that I am not advocating this so called return to old Liberal ways. I am merely observing.

Hobbes said...

If these people are like their counterparts here, I think they are sick of having their lives regimented by bureaucracy. I don't think they are very well educated; for instance, they seem to have little grasp of macroeconomics or the threat of corporate fascism, and a growing segment of them here refuse to vaccinate their children. I think they are just fed up and lashing out blindly. The good news is, they are tolerant and leaving their churches. The bad news is, they don't understand what they're really going to get when they pick that Tea Party candidate at the polls.

Russell C.J. Duffy said...

And that is the worry isn't it? Tea Party, or equivalent, candidates. I think they are well educated but complacent and that complacency is something to fear. The Wehrmacht springs to mind.

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