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The Thief of Rage - Further thoughts on Jimmy Saviile, Stuart Hall and Paedophilia

The ill-conceived notion currently being expounded by the pack is that anyone remotely connected to having had under-age sex must be guilty of paedophilic tendencies. This is so crude a concept and so spurious in its declarations that it makes a farce of any serious attempts at finding and catching those truly guilty of such crimes.

The idea that every individual who failed to check the passport of each conquest he made in the days when such actions seemed an anathema to the very liberal ideas being spouted by the free love generation is nothing short of laughable.

Paedophilia is wrong. Sexually abusing children is an outrage that deserves the severest of punishments but please stop with all the faux shock horror especially when comparing one ages morals with that of another.  

The witch hunting press, The Sun and Daily Mail being at the forefront, the UK gutter press of whom we either love or loathe, are, as much as we may not like all the articles they print have, with this situation, only been doing what the free press should – digging out information that is in the public domain. What the public are doing, certainly on the internet, is jumping on the bandwagon and pre-judging those yet to be found guilty.

Why? Because that is what the mob do.

Another misleading and highly dangerous mistake is the one again being made by the press and general public when they make mention of ‘dirty old men.’ Jimmy Savile was an exception and not the rule. And even with him, although he carried on his vile practises into old age he was active as a young man during the time of the late fifties and sixties.

The majority of abuses carried out against children are made by either family members or close friends of.

Now it has come to light that Stuart Hall, that giggling presenter of ‘It’s a Knockout’ has confessed to having sexually abused children as young as nine. There are no excuses. He must be punished. At least, unlike Savile, he has been caught. Why is it then, that without evidence, people are assuming the worst of others who have been accused? This is Britain for goodness sake. These men are not vampires and we do not want a mob lighting torches and marching on castles to burn the accused at the stake before hard proofs are found.

There is a thin line between what is perceived today as paedophilia and what was then a genuine misjudgement.

If we were to re-assess the actions of each rock star who has screwed a young lady claiming to be eighteen then those stones, once rolled over, would almost certainly reveal, by modern standards, some deeply unpleasant facts. After all, it was all free love back then wasn’t it? And didn’t countless young groupies queue up to climb into bed with each available well hung rock stallion? And did those self same stars always check for age before slipping between the sheets?

Cynthia Plaster Caster chased The Beatles and when she couldn’t get them she went for the Stones. She was maybe seventeen. It is convenient now, for those keen to occupy the moral high ground, as they pass their sanctimonious judgement running fast to catch the bandwagon of modern day witch hunting, to point the finger of accusation. What is frowned upon now was applauded then. Not just that but condoned. Not the act of abusing under-age children, and categorically not innocent children but the pursuit of youthful sex.  Guys did it, girls did it. It was perceived as being cool and yes, mistakes were made but often when one party lied about their age.

I am guilty of such a crime for I had sex with a girl of just sixteen when I was eighteen. It was consensual. We both wanted the same thing regardless of the law. We both were young. It was borderline legal and in the eyes of my mother in law to be, wrong.

As politically incorrect as it now seems to me and many others, women were then little more than sex objects. Open to innuendo and the odd fondle by the office alpha male. I thought it appalling then and still do. Society poo pooed my generations desire in seeking equality. I witnessed many a boss cornering a girl half his age believing that such actions virile and natural.

The line that shouldn’t be crossed was then a foggy smudge.

As for the age of consent, that varies from nation to nation. Spain is thirteen. Turkey is eighteen. In Great Britain it is, and has been since 1885, 16.

Now the mob, fuelled perhaps by self indulgent desires to be seen as virtuous, clamber and bay for blood before having the full facts before them.

This insane desire to leapfrog over the judicial system with verbal guns blazing firing bullets at anyone remotely thought to have possibly committed a sex crime, long before investigations into such allegations have been made is as negligent a crime as that of the BBCs who should have done something at the time.

I am not going to mention any names here of people currently under investigation. I have neither the right to pass opinion nor the power to condemn, at least not until a higher authority has passed judgement having analysed all the pertinent details.

The horror of paedophilia is one that evolves as time rolls on. We are, hopefully, more civilised than the ancient Greeks or Romans who used young people as a form of contraceptive. We no longer tolerate the abuses heaped upon children in such a short while ago as the Victorian era. We are better than that but when it comes to ‘jumping to conclusions,’ giving vent to gossip as though it were fact, we are still in the dark ages.

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Vanessa V Kilmer said...

In this information age of ours. more people are less and worse informed than ever before and ready to accuse and judge based on reports given by agencies trying to be the first with any kind of story, facts and accuracy be damned.

I get pissed when people think it's ok for a 32 year old woman to have sex with a 12 year old boy (and no one lies about ages.)

Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

Ephebophilia is a different category from pedophilia. It involves a proclivity for persons over the age of majority to pursue those who have physically matured but aren't yet legally adults, generally young people age 15-18. Ephebophilia is creepy if you're looking at someone over twenty who is actively pursuing people in this age range. The person who thought their partner was over eighteen and didn't bother to check their I.D. isn't an ephebophile. I certainly don't think that an eighteen year old and a sixteen year old counts as ephebophilia. I had a sixteen year old boyfriend when I was eighteen. I don't think the maturity levels are that radically different. Little shit broke my heart too.
When I was in junior high, there was a guy who was 25 years old. He was a bit slow, perhaps mildly retarded. Several girls in my school (about age 14 on average) were bragging that he'd invited them to his apartment and they'd had sex with him.
This fellow was eventually arrested for statutory rape. What he did was wrong and it was creepy, but it's on a different level from a full-on pedophile, especially considering his developmental disability. I don't think he was dangerous. I don't know if he could be rehabilitated, but I think there's a chance. I don't think people who deliberately perv on young children can be rehabilitated. There's something broken in their brains and I don't want them out in society.
I agree with Vanessa as well. It is NOT okay for an adult woman to be having sex with pre-teen boys, any more than it's okay for an adult man to be having sex with pre-teen girls.

Russell Duffy said...

Nessa>>>The age of consent in Spain is 13!!!
I think it wrong but I don't have to live there.
Sorry but I think people have lied about their ages. Not young children of course but teenage boys and girls who want to try sex for the first time. I agree with you that a 32 year old woman having sex with a 12 year old is not only wrong but obscene. What though when a 29 year old meets someone who says they are seventeen but in reality are 15? This has happened many times. The older person has been foolish, wrong even perhaps by not checking but I don't think they are paedophiles.

Russell Duffy said...

Tempest>>>I had never even heard of Ephebophillia before so thanks for that.
I think these are murky waters. In my mind an older person messing about with a child is an unspeakable crime. The man in me wants to tear them apart. I think they are worse than murderers.
What I was trying to make a point about was all those tenage groupies who flocked to the beds of Rock stars and or famous people. The stars were only wrong themselves, in their early 20's and if they slept with girls or boys who were under age it was wrong. I don't think that they deliberately sought to have sex with under-ager's. What they did was to blindly accept all flesh offered them as that is what happened back in the sixties. There is a huge difference between someone hunting down children due to paedophilic tendencies to someone who sleeps with someone who he or she thinks is of age. With hindsight we should now know to ask for proof before slipping between the sheets but lets be honest here, they didn't then but that doesn't make everyone who had sex with someone who said they were sixteen but in reality were 15 a paedophile.
My daughters, when going out clubbing, lied about their ages. They used to paint their faces so they looked older then sneak in the club. Yes, there were guards who checked but forging identity is easy to fix. Had they (thankfully all were too intelligent) met someone they fancied and had sex then that poor sap may have, after the event, been accused of a sex crime.

BlackEmpress said...

With the media promotion of nearly EVERYTHING, the boundaries of morality are under serious danger. Legal age demarcated but who's listening? The kids are independent enough to go out & do whatever they want. If it's ok for some 10year old to shoot, it's just as Ok to have sex with another 10 year old. It's becoming more & more difficult for parents to keep check.
Thanks to Maury for the support as well. *Rolls eyes*

Paedophilia is a sickness in my opinion. Sexual education is a must & a revision of Moral values in every household if anything is to be worked out in a more responsible way. I'll keep my fingers crossed in any case.

Russell Duffy said...

Black Empress>>>You hit the nail right on the head. the media are guilty of promoting children as sex objects. Parents are at a loss as to how best educate and monitor their offsprings childhood. Parenting is key. Having a legal age of consent can only ever be a guide for parents. My eldest daughter was in a relationship wih a 22 year old when she was fifteen. She was mature enough mentally and physically. I have another daughter now aged 22 who isn't. It is down to parents to educate.
This of course doesn't answer the paedophile problem. It only goes to prepare against.

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

I agree with your point, Russell. I remember what I was like at 16. I purposely didn't tell people my age because I knew it would be hands off just associating with me. And during the 60's and 70's it was free love all around. That 15 - 18 year old range is a tricky one. I am more sympathetic for the ones where the other person is like 25 or less. 30 and over, I don't think should be with someone 20 or less, but hey it happens.

Doug Hutchinson (51) and Courtney Stodden (16) are just so creepy.

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