Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Lonley Walk (Living With Mum 9)

Saturdays arrive with me behaving much like a geriatric anticipating a bed bath or a child expecting Christmas day. I shave, shower then prepare myself before dressing in what I think is relatively smart clothes. It is for me an occasion and like anything a little out of the ordinary I try to make the best of myself. A tough job some may say when faced with what such impossibly rough clay. The reason behind this immature excitement is that today I get to see two of my daughters –Squid and Tweezil.
     When they arrive it is with a flurry of kisses and hugs, you would think we hadn’t seen each other for months not a week.
     We take off to town, mooch round the shops gazing at things that we like even if our wallets don’t. We cruise around music and book shops browsing but not buying. We hold hands or walk arm in arm greedy for the touch we used to take for granted which now comes in short supply; going from one coffee shop to another until we find one that has seats to spare. One of us then buys drinks and cappuccino’s which we guzzle and eat as we laugh at ourselves, our memories and the lives we now live.
    When we’ve done all we can we catch the bus back to my Mum’s (the kids all call her Grammy) where we know there will be more cakes, more sweets and hopefully a can or two of coke.
They are my reason for living.  They are the most beautiful of children. I cannot conceive of life without them.
    Then I walk them to the bus stop. It is a walk I wish could last forever. All conversation grows stilted as if we all dread the eventual au revoir.They board the bus, Tweezil in tears, sometimes Squidy too. I wave trying to keep my upper lip stiff as my eyes fill. I glare at the teenage boys who laugh at the old fart crying daring them, or anyone else come to that, to say something then I bowl off as the bus disappears down the road.
    The walk back to Mum’s is the loneliest walk I ever have to make.


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Anonymous said...

I see my son three days a week and sometimes I feel very sad that he isn't living here with me. But he's a young man, needs his independence. Besides, his current location makes for a much easier commute to the University than the commute from my place would be. He only has to take one bus.
What you're describing is something that only a parent can understand. Damn silly boys, one day they'll be forced to grow up. At least one can hope.

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