Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Loving The Alien

Call me odd, call me strange, call me weird, call me whatever you like; I am in love. The girl of my infatuation                          
is not run of the mill, she is in fact  rather out of the ordinary but then again my tastes have always been somewhat acquired. For me there can be no other. I care less what others may say, what judgements they may make. I know what they are thinking  that being green with scales is not the sort of femme fatale you bump into down the local pub, not the sort of girl you take to the flicks or to ten pin bowling. Yes, I cannot disguise the fact my love is alien. No, I don't mean she is Mexican or Vietnamese; she isn't an illegal immigrant, she is from another planet, another world. Well, strictly speaking that isn't true, and this is where it gets complicated, she is from the same planet as me but not upside as it were. She comes from below the surface. No, she isn't one of the living dead. Whatever my faults, my obscure peccadilloes, I am not into necrophilia.
Hmmmm, I am not explaining myself very well am I? Let's try again.
I am white, male, Caucasian and from 40 miles outside of London, England.
She is green, female (not half!) Reptilian/Hominid and from close to the Earth's core.  
Her name?
I'm not sure I should tell you.
Okay, okay, why not. It can't hurt can it?
Her name is Madame Vastra and she is gorgeous.

.  And when she's not dashing about Victorian London saving innocent lives from indescribable horrors or tripping through time and space with the last living Gallifreyan then I bet she spends the odd moment thinking of me. And why not?
What a cracker!


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PANSI and Team NG4J said...

WELL!!!! If you're thing is Lizzard Peepul, per hap's you out to talk to EMRALD!!!!! After all, she is marryed to a FROG!!!!!


Russell Duffy said...

Green is the new black. If Kermit were a girl I'd shag him!

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