Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Thief of Rage - Voting for the Same Political Party For Life

I have probably told this anecdote before so forgive me if I repeat myself. There are three musts in my mother’s life: The Conservatives must win the election, Cambridge must win the boat race and West Ham United must win the Premiership. Of those three one has never happened and it is highly unlikely it ever will.

What I find remarkable about that is how so many people select one political party, with all its aims and ambitions, all its policies and then support them Ad infinitum. Why? I suppose it could be argued that they and, using my Mum as an example, share the same principles. They both want to see matters handled in a certain way.

 I tend to vote for those who I believe will best suit me, my family and then my country. I have equally as many right wing views as I do left. I probably float somewhere left of centre on most policies but not all. For example I do not like central government control. I despise the thought of having any form of autocratic or overtly socialist form of higher office. I would rather see governments take a back seat, acting as administrators thereby letting us get on with our lives.
I don’t need a strong leader. I fail to understand why so many hanker after another Thatcher or Churchill. Not that I dislike either. Churchill made a great many mistakes during his time in Parliament, crossing the floor as protest for home rule was one but when it came to the war, not forgetting the evil done to Dresden, he served his country to the best of his ability. I doubt we would have beaten the Nazi’s without his leadership. I am less enamoured with Margaret Thatcher. She may have set our finances straight but she was not a ‘one nation’ Tory like Churchill. She cared only, it seems to me, for London, The City and the  South/South East environs. Nonetheless, she did get the economy going again even if the entrepreneurial spirit she unleashed was in reality self serving greed.

As I have said previously, much to the disbelief of those who still call me ‘Cocaine Jesus' perceiving me as some aging punk rebel, I believe in Capitalism but not the sort that worships at the altar of avarice.
I don't like paying taxes. Who does?  I don't like to see people misuse either the welfare state or the National Health Service. Neither of which are an altruistic concept. Having a community fit and able to work serves capitalism. What I don’t like, and I can give an easy example, is when a Postman, divorced from his wife, works hard doing overtime to pay his bills whilst his ex-wife  does bugger all, sits at home with her lover, never working and making £15 a week more than her ex-husband. She even went on holiday to Australia! This is so obviously wrong.

I also am not adverse to Nuclear Power so long as it is safe and not used for war. If safe it would answer a lot of environmental issues. I appreciate though that it is a big if. Nor am I for unilateral disarmamnent. I think any nation would be daft to simply disarm especially in light of some countries hell bent on building their arsenals.
I am opposed to fighting bogus wars in foreign countries yet conversely I am for having a robust and powerful defence policy one that would smack any country that has the nerve to try and invade or terrorise England hard. I believe conscription should be re-installed. Not so that we Brits can build yet another inglorious empire but as an investment to future safety. I also think it would be beneficial, as it proved to be for my son, to country, business and the individual.

The point I am trying to make here is that I, like many people, have a broad spectrum of political beliefs that criss-cross all the standard party policies. I am at times, as I think the majority are, a little bit right, a little bit left and whole lot centre. There is not one single party that ticks all my boxes even if collectively they all have elements I agree with.
So come the revolution please remember to vote for the candidate in red, blue, white and yellow and The names Russell by the way and no I won’t kiss your infant.

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Nessa said...

I have found that most people like to be lead: politics, religion, celebrity - anyone with a good line and forceful personality (and a big smile) can rule the world.

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Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

You are so right Nessa. It does make you wonder doesn't it?

Karen said...

I do not like central government control either.

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