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The Thief of Rage - Of Monotheism - “Just big heads and drums - full speed and pagan”

Yehoshua ben Yosef is held by many to have been the man who gave rise to the myth of the Christian demi-god Jesus. This man has been described as being an agitator, a Jewish revolutionary who exploited the anger felt by his fellows against the Roman occupation of Judaea. History of this period is opaque. Much that has been written was composed after the event, often many decades later and in some instances with hundreds of years having passed. The truth of the situation can only remain obscure as there are no proofs. All we have is the written word of men who possibly knew the so called Christ and whose words appeared when the Bible was compiled four hundred years after the Messiah’s execution.

Without attempting to dissect and analyse data that has been dissected and analysed by far better, more informed individuals than me, what is fascinating here is how fiction can so soon turn to accepted fact then established as faith. This in turn becomes a standard by which morals can be judged as though all morals, good ones at least, are here by virtue of Islam or Christianity or the Big Daddy of them all, Judaism.
This simply isn’t the case. It is a supreme arrogance to believe such stuff and nonsense.
The words of Confucius, which are recognised as being those of wisdom based on the mundane everyday existence we all lead without having the need to turn them into super powered hyperbole, contain enough common sense to assist anyone live their life. They acknowledge the need for love, they accept that kindness is a responsibility bestowed on all human beings but they also understand the very nature of human kind. There is no suggestion of having a grand creator; in fact there is no place for one when all around you illustrates perfectly how finely balanced nature is and how we fit into that scheme.
The same could be said of Taosim. I appreciate that for many this has been subverted into a religion but that is not how it was originally intended. The only gods associated with this life belief system are those metaphorical beings who represent the elements that comprise the natural world.
Then of course there is Buddhism. I can think of no other quasi-faith, again Buddhists suggest their ways are not faith but a life style choice, which has managed to rigidly adhere to its beliefs. When a Buddhists says he does not believe in war he means it. Again, even though the bastard offspring of Hinduism, Buddhists do not believe in the supernatural. They have no gods.
As far as I can see having belief in a god brings no benefits at all. What is the point of God? If he exists, be he Yahweh, Jehovah or Allah he surely did his job when he created us? He did what he wanted to do then put us on the planet having given us free will. If we fail then that surely is up to us?
What I am trying to suggest here is that there is a certain arrogance with monotheists which surfaces each time we hear of how having a god in your life somehow imparts a moral code. It doesn’t. Morality and common decency are our human right. They are part of our DNA. We have had them long before the advent of any god. Neither Judaism, Christianity or for that matter Islam brings one iota more goodness by believing in them than does being Pagan.

 Recent developments in Great Britain has seen the Coalition Government pass a law allowing gay marriages  This does not mean the Church  has to concede to such a law, there will be violation of their faith nor of other similarly minded religious organisations. They will not have to comply. No one can litigate against them if one of their churches declines to marry a same-sex couple. What it does mean for all humanists is a start to a more loving, understanding way of being. After all, who cares if you are gay apart from the church?

Also, following last year’s UK consensus it now transpires that 25% of the Kingdom is, like myself atheist with only 59% Christian. I suspect of that number only half are truly Christian with the other half merely commiting to a family tradition. Maybe there are gods in heaven and perhaps they too are anti-religious for after all there is no religion on the moon and didn’t God make that too?
"I really envy Christians I envy Muslims too It must be great to be so sure As I'm talking to a Jew; He said pray to god for mercy He said get down on your knees He said ask him for forgiveness He said when you do say please (do us a favour)" - Robert Wyatt

"I'm NOT God THEY are!"


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