Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Of Alex Salmond and Scottish Independance

"Who are yew looooking at yer dirty wee Sassanach?"
Perhaps I am missing the point. Perhaps my romantic notions of having and holding fast to a Union has somehow baffled my logic, confounded my senses but I really don’t understand why Alex Salmond’s government want to break away.  I understand autonomy, of course I do but breaking away from one union with a keen eye on another makes little sense at all. If I were a Scot I too would be proud of my nation. I too would desire to run my own affairs my way. That is only right and proper but to leave behind the world’s oldest union, one that has served Scotland as well as England and Wales for three hundred years seems bloody daft. What’s the point? Or is the breaking away the point? Is it all to make a show of grabbing independence? Patriotism run riot and rough shod over common sense? If that is the case then I would, were I a Scot, fear the loss of security.  Not only that but, having forged a way beyond the stigma of tribalism, to have awarded all with flexibility and mutual strength, a sense of retreat. Not a step forward but rather one that puts up opposed to knocking down, walls and barriers even if only of the mind.

Scotland is a fantastic country. It is by far the most beautiful of any I have visited. Its culture, its architecture but above all its people are as proud and charming as anything we English have. But to make fast with such an achievement as that of the Union is to meddle with matters deep set and rooted firm in all our histories.

Yes, I am English but I am also British and damn proud to be so for I have Irish blood mixing with Anglo Saxon, My children have an additional measure for their DNA: Welsh. To be in control of your own house is a fine thing but not if it excludes sharing a Barbie with the neighbours, not if it means building fences, not if it means non fiscal policy. For Christ sakes let’s not go backwards. Let’s push on and improve on what we have already got: a union that allows for national autonomy whilst sharing the benefits in a manner fair to all.

Of course there is still the matter of the Queen. Elizabeth 1st of Scotland, Elizabeth 2hd of England. Of course she has no sway with politics being merely a figurehead. How would she feel about suddenly having her historical Kingdom split in twain? She is as much a Scot as an Engle. Balmoral is her favourite palace, her preferred home. What would she think of an independent Scotland?

Having met many a Scot and knowing what an intelligent  bunch they are I cannot see then voting in anyway other than with dour common sense. Scotland the brave – Britain the great. Get in there!

"Mister Grimsdale are these the two fingers I should  shove up the English nose?"

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