Thursday, 18 October 2012

Savile's Sins Escalate

With the dust still to settle over revelations of Jimmy Savile’s  depraved sexual activities, more ex-Radio 1 workers are spilling the beans. Liz Kerhsaw has claimed she was routinely groped, often on air, by an undisclosed DJ who would place his hands up her jumper then fondle her breasts. Accusations are now being made against Dave Lee Travis  who vehmently denies any such action ever taking place but also John Peel. No doubt more will follow.
There are no excuses to be made. If these allegations are proven true then the law should and must act. Apparently it is not the done thing to take away someone’s knighthood posthumously as the award only lasts for their lifetime.  However, until Princess Diana’s untimely death flags were never raised at half mast at Buckingham Palace unless the Queen or King had died. If the monarchy can reinvent rules surrounding them so can governments. Sir Jimmy should lose his ‘Sir’ IF he is proven guilty.
I for one would be devastated if John Peel is found to have impregnated a girl of fifteen. The man is a legend in the musical world. It was he that helped the likes of TRex, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Pulp and The White Stripes reach a wider audience. Finding someone I admire to be yet another paedophile would be hard indeed to accept. Not only that but he appeared to be so grounded. He was not 'larger than life' but a down-to-earth sort of bloke. He was also a dedicated family man. But if it is the case and he, or anyone come to that, whether dead or alive, are found guilty then they must be punished or, in he case of the deceased, . brought to light.

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Perfect Virgo said...

The Internet is awash with details of JS's necrophiliac tendencies. Having the keys and free reign within hospitals, including their mortuaries, opens up sickening possibilities for the depraved.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Funnily enough I have just been looking online at his exploits myself. Unbeliveable. He now seems to be the arch fiend of paedophilles. Necrophilia too? Not surprised really but I think I will wait for hard evidence on that. At the moment it seems all circumstantial.

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