Thursday, 4 October 2012

I guess it should have come as no surprise but then again a life without surprises is no life at all. Obviously unexpected ones are better than unwanted. This surprise is the former. So then unfurl the bunting, get the cake makers baking, the chef's cooking, the priest decked out in his very best vestments, there is going to be a wedding!
Tweezil has announced that she is getting married. Hardly out of the blue as she and Brett have been together for four years and engaged for two. News still arrived with some mild astonishment.
Ideally she would like to book the church (yep, church) for May 22nd 2013 but I think that is a little ambitious as we/she/they will need to save for reception and service.

With all the vast amounts of money I have made from book sales (less than £1,000) I have said I will pay for the church. I phoned the vicar up, explained that I, not wanting to be a hypocrite, am a devout atheist and Tweezil too a non-believer. Unfazed by my honesty he said he didn’t mind at all. He would rather we attended his church, followed his faith but he understood completely. Next thing is for the young couple to visit him and discuss.

The thought of my baby girl, well any of my girls, getting married is slightly surreal. Why, I have only just stopped changing their nappies, wipping their runny noses, bending myself into curious shapes for them to clamber over. It certainly seems that way. Thumbscrew is 29, Jimbob 27, Squid 22 and Tweezil fast approaching 21 so perhaps those memories are older than I thought.
I confess to being overjoyed by the prospect. Shame that we as a couple are no longer the ideal parents but that’s life I guess.

Both Tweezil and Brett make for an ideal couple. They seem so in love and that is of course just how it should be.
 Looking forward to getting a new suit.

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