Friday, 12 October 2012

I awoke to a drab sky sketched in greys. A pale background with charcoal streaks etched across the horizon. This view filled my window.  It should have filled me with a sense of foreboding. It didn’t. It looked rather beautiful. Cookie nestled down behind my curled legs.  Birds twittered a vaguely enthusiastic greeting to the dawn. I turned over wishing it wasn’t six already. I had spent the previous night reading from Agatha Christie’s autobiography. Whatever anyone might think of the woman, she makes such an easy target in these days of grim reality, she wrote with a skill few nowadays have. English that flowed making it easy to read. The autobiography is just the same.
I have reached a point with book four of Fekenham that needs revisiting. It isn’t that I am unhappy with the plot but it does need something more, something I can’t, as yet ,clearly define. ‘Hand In Glove’ also needs closer inspection. Again the plot is fine but there is considerable detail still required. Not so much padding but firmer characterisation.

A story has been fermenting in my mind for Simian Simpering. I have written four of the ten short stories required. I have also been working on the ‘London Walks.’ The East End section has been completely revised. There is something like 55,000 words on paper. That is in reality half a books worth completed. The alarming thing is that I still have the City, the West End but also north and South London to write about. I may have to think about doing two books on London at this rate.
This prior to my first coffee or shave...

After breakfast, as I was dutifully hanging out washing, I saw a fox run the width of my garden. Cookie just laid there unaware. The sight inspired this:

Fox ran across the garden
A borderline refugee
Mud infant, brush raised, impulse driven
Covert beneath the neighbours shed
Agile over fence and tree stump
Above, vapour trails on endless sky
The Border Collie did not stir
He was dreaming of chasing cats.

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