Friday, 19 October 2012

Final Thoughts on Jimmy Savile

From saint to sinner of the lowest order. A veritable evil genius whose wicked machinations went unnoticed under the cover of his public persona, his faux charitable heart. Jimmy Savile is now being seen for what he truly was, a depraved, manipulative man filled with desire for those who could neither defend themselves nor, with any confidence of being believed, tell anyone. He used his fame as by way of reaching the most vulnerable. His appetites seemed insatiable. Boys and girls, some with learning problems, others with social issues, he picked on them all uncaring how damaged he left them, unconcerned for their welfare as he presented an image of philanthropy.
He was a predator in bling. A vain, empty vacuum of a man who acted as he did the better to satiate his twisted tastes. He now seems to be an arch villain, like one of Bonds many nemesis, one whose unscrupulous, scheming plots centred around his perversion. He effectively constructed an empire that curried public applause but in truth was a machine built to hide his real intent.

Unsurprisingly I never met him. My son did. Jimbob was serving in the Royal Marines when Savile, an honorary marine arrived to be given the V.I.P tour. Then no one in the wider public domain knew of his predilections, my son certainly didn’t. Jimbob  described him as being ‘weird.’
It is easy now with the gift of hindsight to declare having never liked the man. I can’t say I cared one way or the other about him. He struck me, during his pomp, as being amusing, eccentric, patronising, egocentric, compassionate, generous and yes, weird. Another epithet can now be included: pervert.

It is very easy for the likes of me to say ‘why didn’t someone do something sooner.’ Perhaps they did but then again who would have believed them? And besides, I personally know of two friends, two females, both of whom were fondled by an older relative. For years they said nothing fearing no one would believe them. We don't like to think badly of our old uncles.
Then there is the feeling of having been let down. That we all were so easily duped by this heartless man. We all thought, with all his odd ways to one side, that deep down he was a good man. He wasn't. He fooled us all
My only regret with this awful business is that the former DJ is not alive. I would have dearly liked to see him pay for his crimes.

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