Tuesday, 2 October 2012

As artists go his work is worthy of more attention. A talent such as his should not go unnoticed. There is of course a downside.  Of the one negative comment I made of him, at a low point for me, there are conversely a profusion of positive comments made on either blog posts or in the comments section.. It also seems ironic that I was the one who suggested him to Craggy Ponce when said gentleman needed a capable man for a tough role. When you bear in mind that he, the artist, thanked me for the encouragement I gave to him  to join a blog site and that, according to him, I was the reason he started painting again it really does make you wonder. I see that the many positives, in his mind at any rate, have been outweighed by the one negative; a case of reverse Yin and Yang. I am encouraged to note that his ability to fuel his own self satisfying hurt proves that he can, when focused, apply himself to a given task. If only he could have done this with the project we started. I mean, how long does it take to find your muse?
Apparently several years.

I would have thought the effort expended on bearing ill will might be better spent in applying himself to something more fruitful: a job perhaps or making his excellent idea of a creative agency work. Still, there is nowt as queer as folk.
Damn, now I have made two negative comments on the same subject. When will I ever learn?

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