Friday, 21 September 2012

The Thief of Rage - The Coalition Party UK 2012

I, being of a certain vintage, miss comedy shows like “The Two Ronnies,” “Morecmabe and Wise,” “The Benny Hill Show” and of course the silliest and probably absurdist of them all, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” Of course few ever used the whole name did they? Python was madcap and oh so British. I am so glad to see that a younger generation have taken up the baton. If you haven’t yet seen “The Sound of Ker” then keep an eye out for them.
Wading waist high through a sea of tangerines comes the one they call CAM. In his petulant hand is a tiny flag which he waves with gusto. The flag says: THE LEADER. A tape containing pre-recorded laughter emits a sudden guffaw…HAHAHAHA!

Dressed in a bunny suit, one caught squarely in the headlights, comes CLEGGY. Fawning and pawing as he rolls what appears to be a giant turd up hill to a gigantic black door with a huge number ten detailed upon it. The bunny is wearing a torn T-shirt which has the legend emblazoned on it…PEOLES CHOICE. The P is missing but then again everyone likes to take it…HAHAHAHAHA!
Looking rather like a geriatric hamster, one stuffed to bursting with senile jollity bounces OLD GIT. His hush puppies brushed, his jazz notes broken. He has a look of sincere ineptitude typed across his features as he brandishes a large photograph of him next to that old pantomime dame Maggie Thatcher. “Remember me, I’m Keen!” “Remember me, I’m Keen!” He is so past it he cannot even recall his name….HAHAHAHA!

Slipping insidiously behind them all follows the final KER in a very bad bunch, CRABBIE CABLE STITCH. He looks furtive, shifty and decidedly lame as he flicks ash onto a baby’s head. Gurgling with a red face, contorted and choking and held firmly in CRABBIES ham like fist the baby with G.O tattooed on its forehead……HAHAHAHA!
It is good to have such entertainment again isn’t it? Why, it’s just like the good old days of the eighties all over again. Spitting Images anyone?

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