Thursday, 23 August 2012

I wrote the following for a sub-plot in book four of the "FekenhamTales." It is writen after two of the characters have fallen out of love. I am pleased with it but think it far to close for comfort and far too serious to ever be included in what is to all intents and purposes a comic romance.

"At every conceivable opportunity you presume to know my actions then prejudge my motives before knowing the truth. You are preoccupied by your absolute hatred of me. Not a single occasion goes by that you don’t have something unpleasant to say to me, some cutting remark; some odious observation of my perceived failings. I know full well my faults but even if I didn’t you would ensure that I did and with unfailing animosity.

To see two lives wasted by such extreme revulsion is not just tragic - it borders on the insane –but it also highlights just how far someone can sink into their own wanton obsession. In itself this pathological abhorrence is comforting for it occupies your mind twisting your personality into something repellent. Like Dorian Grey your public image is preserved as the insidious disease of your detestation spreads.

Hatred is an exaggerated animal reaction. When hurt or frightened that emotion turns to anger which grows into rage before mutating into loathing. Love and hate – two sides of the same coin. I know which I would sooner feel.."

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cheesemeister (too lazy to log in) said...

If anyone ever asks me about romance, I say "why the hell do you think I'd know?" I'm an abject failure at the subject! Sometimes it's painful for me to write about romances between my characters. Either they're in a good place that I'll never be in, or they're in a bad place, and I can relate way too much.
I've got a new blog, which is a hidden blog. It's mashups of various fan fiction universes, lots of borrowed characters plus a few of my own, bleeding my own pain in various ways. I've been real selective about giving out the URL because I don't want any asshats viewing it. I figure if you ever have time, you might appreciate parts of it.
Cheesemeister Fanfic Mashups
I think Rose is close to having the manuscript finally ready for publication on the revision of Lily's book. Yay!
Sorry I don't get around to visit blogs much any more. Too much drama over the last few years really took the wind out of my sails.

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