Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Inside the concave ceiling, which felt as though it were about to balloon then slip on top of the workers below, were a legion of clerks seated at desks. Upon their heads were communication devices. These took the shape of head phones conjoined with a thin, reed like mouthpiece that sat in front of the individual’s lips. This area was the workplace of the telesales team whose activity was constantly encouraged by two overseers, one male and one female, who repeatedly called out a persistent mantra of “focus guys, focus” whilst they paced up and down slapping their hands together like the drummers on board a slave ship. Occasionally one of the two wrote down the ever growing list of sales won upon a white board. All telephone calls were monitored. Not only for how many were made but the length of conversation undertaken. These figures were then fed back into the computer before being analysed. All chatter was forbidden. The only communication allowed was that between sales people and client.

And so it goes...

The foot print of the 21st century leaves some strange shapes.

. .
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