Sunday, 5 August 2012

After the usual Saturday spent first house cleaning before whipping over to Mum’s then wheeling her around Sainsbury’s, Tweezil and Brett came for dinner: Mexican – an all-time favourite. The first of the Olympic gold’s had been won with the buzz being more would follow. After dinner Jimbob and I retired to the kitchen like two old colonials without either brandy or cigars so instead sucked on Cadbury éclairs. We then discussed our toilet habits, a subject never broached before and unlikely to be again. It was Jimbob who first brought up the subject by informing me, quite out of the blue, that he once filled the lavatory on a building site with a stool the size of Moby Dick. It was apparently as long as his forearm and as thick. Why he had thought to share this personal information with me I still don’t understand but not wishing to be seen as being conservative in my conversation I joined in informing him of my own youthful evacuations. The conversation took on the aspect of a surreal scene from ‘Jaws’ when the crew compared their various scars.  I caught a cloud of doubt cross my sons eyes.

“I think this conversation is going places I’d rather not go down.” He said.

I had to agree. We went back to the living room to watch Great Britain win six gold’s in one day, Super Saturday indeed. Even if our national football team continue to be lacklustre our athletes are anything but.

By the end f play on Sunday we had another eight gold medals and are sitting third in the table.

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