Tuesday, 28 August 2012

After the universal acclaim afforded the British 2012 Olympic Games, with only a few measly mouthed critics raising their ignoble, jealous voices in negative criticism, the all British Paralympic Games is shortly about to start. Not only are these games the creation of German born Doctor Ludwig Guttmann, who was knighted in 1966, but are also a testament to the generous, brave heart of the British. The games grew out of the Aylesbury hospital of Stoke Mandeville where Guttmann practised his healing.

During the war the Jewish Doctor was persecuted by the Nazi’s. He fled to this country where he met with a deal of suspicion as many German defectors and asylum seekers were. Unable at first to practise medicine he eventually managed to develop his revolutionary ideas.

The Paralympic Games are now only second to the Olympic Games themselves. Deservedly so in my view as they feature a host of people I find it hard not to admire.

Whatever anyone’s thoughts are of the Olympics being held here they surely cannot but hold these athletes in the highest regard?

I am going to sit right back to watch every damn second of the spectacle that I possibly can.

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