Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Trouble with Genre's and ME

I’m buggered if I know how to go about marketing the books, I mean, what silly sub-genre do they conveniently fit in? They don’t and that is a problem. On Kindle, I have applied the ‘general fiction’ tag and then added some extra comments that include Romance, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller and Erotica. There are elements of all of those genres although very little erotica. A little in book one, some in book three and maybe just a dash in 'The Sordid Story of the Enema Bandit of Winchester.' But not much. I have always poo-pooed such silly tags even though I use them when, in my head, identifying/classifying music. Perversely I do enjoy it when artists, like Elvis Costello or June Tabor, move from one sub-genre to another or better still, as with Zappa, when defiance of such restraints are squashed. I am not Zappa though and therefore, have to regulate my thinking to fit. Damn hard, though.

I have so far found thirteen local newspapers. five of those encompass both Essex and Hertfordshire with one being dedicated to Harlow. I guess that must be about it as far as newspapers go. As for radio, I have listed BBC Essex, Heart Essex, Kiss Essex, Gold Essex, Southend Radio, Southend Hospital Radio and also XFM. Must remember now to dig out other marketing options. Ideas would be most welcome!

The other thing that I must never forget is the value of good friends. His nibs and I no longer speak, or, at least, to be fair, I haven't called him and he hasn't called me. This is not unusual for me as I can let time pass before making contact with those I like. Dave and I still have things to do. The other good mate who seldom contacts me is Don. Now Don had a crack at fame some twenty years ago as one-half of a duo called 'Frighty and Colonel Mite.' He has been doing great things for me of late of which I am so very grateful. He only stands about three feet high, well, OK, I exaggerate, he is about three feet six! But the man has a tall heart and a massive (steady girls) soul. I love him. Bless him for all he is doing.

I finished James Paterson's 'Big Bad Wolf' and need to find another fix. The man's pacing is quite incredible. It is easy to see why he has sold 250 million books world wide. His style matches perfectly the genre he writes for. It is like having a series of short slaps to the face, or bullets being fired: bam bam bam. Short chapters with sentences formed as fragments. His style is very 'now,' very 'American.' I found the read easy and if truth be told just a short step away from being aimed at a teen or youg person market. Now I must find something else to read at bedtimes. Considering I must have at least fifty books still unread there is plenty to choose from.

Squid and the lesser Portion

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