Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Well no one said it would be easy but by heck I didn’t envisage how much needed doing when I started this whole writing malarkey. It all seemed such a romantic proposition. Me, a pen and a moleskin pad. Bob’s yer uncle, I am a writer. I wrote and wrote and finally a book was finished. I sent the manuscript off along with a presentation that included testimonials, a CV (enough to put any sane man or woman off), a synopsis and plan for future works.  Then the rejections by publishers and agents alike arrived.  Not many it has to said but enough for me to stop and think again. I swallowed hard, bent my head and hands back to the keypad and kept writing.  I bought my copy of the writers and artists year book which I carried proudly around to reaffirm to any passing stranger exactly the nature of my game but still nothing published. Well, strictly speaking that isn’t true, there were those articles, those restaurant reviews I did for the now defunct Essex magazine. There were those bits I did for the Wapping site but they hardly count as I think the web mistress felt sorry for me. I wrote the Wilful Walks, the first book anyway which received favourable responses from those few that read it and then, happy with that effort started the next volume with my mate Dave at my side. Sadly that fizzled out. My fault. More of my newly found obsessive nature.
Back to Fekenham and four books on I am almost ready to publish. I see the bank manager next Thursday, Jase has one or two amends to complete and then I can upload to Kindle. The only other thing I had to do, which I did some days ago was to contact, out of courtesy, the artists that are featured in the Fekenham Gazette, namely, The Unthanks, Eliza Carthy, Fisherman’s Friend, and Richard Thompson and family. Oh yes, not to forget the big star of the bunch, Kate Bush. She is the only one I haven’t sent an E-mail. The Unthanks and Eliza Carthy’s management both responded positively which is cool. Now I just need to hear from the others whilst plucking up courage to ask that mistress of single-mindedness if I may include her in my books.

The really bizarre thing is that I love books and by that I mean old fashioned books that are thread sown, gold foiled, embossed and have that faint musty smell when you open them. Kindle? I think it has its place and since I am about to publish on it I am hardly going to say anything other good about it. In truth I do think it a good idea certainly when going on holiday. I normally take five or six books with me which weigh heavy in my baggage but kindle can carry six hundred books and weighs very little.

I finished reading the fourth Douglas Adam’s book before reading Hemingway’s superb ‘Old Man and the Sea.’ One of the best books I have ever read, written in such a straight forward, simple manner. The film with Spencer Tracey was brilliant but I would like to see a remake. Now I am reading Richard Dawkins ‘God Delusion’ which is another fine read.

Today is Easter Sunday. I think the pagan festival that Christianity supplanted it with was called Eostre.  As long as I see my children and get an egg I really don’t care what it is called. Happy Easter.

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weirsdo said...

So you're self-publishing on Kindle. Can those of us without Kindle get the books?
I should read OLD MAN AND THE SEA some time. My favorite so far is THE SUN ALSO RISES.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Weirsdo>>>As far as I know Kindle can be read off Apple Macs, I-Phones (if you have them)and possibly via your PC. I am not sure how any of that works though. I feel a bit of a hypocrite as I realy love old style books but a Kindle is a benefit when going on holiday!

teresa martin said...

yes, you can read them on your pc. i had the feckenham chapters on one back in texas. :)

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