Monday, 5 March 2012

The writing continues.

Fekenham book four – “The Politics of Turnips” has now been clearly defined with a rough plot developed. The book will take the form of FOUR parts each comprising of 20,000 words each:

Part One: Arrivals.

Part Two: Departures

Part Three: Reactions

Part Four: Reprisals.

After Don’s comments I have been busily developing characters and injecting more personality into them. The plot is solid and I am very pleased with it even if this book is more contrived than “Hand in Glove” which seems to be flowing out of me organically. Of course the thought of anything flowing out of me organically is enough to make small pigmy tribes take up vegetarianism, flee their native land and move to somewhere safe like Bishops Stortford.

The writing continues.

“Hand in Glove” has taken an unexpected turn with another sub-plot line appearing. I know how daft it sounds, how utterly preposterous but I truly had little conscious input into this development. There was I simply writing the story as I thought fit when BINGO! I actually like the way this curve ball has spun the story down another interesting path but have no idea where it came from.

Both Book Four and Hand in Glove have about 15,000 words produced.

The other thing that keeps niggling away at my easy to niggle noggin is “The London Chronicles.”

The only reason this plagues me so, apart from the fact it has been allowed to just sit there for so long, is marketing. For reasons I understand all too well but find so incredibly stupid, marketers, of whom I have worked with most of my professional life, like to conveniently bag and tag every damn thing ever produced. It is slightly dishonest of me to pretend that I don’t: I do. Albums are Jazz, R’nB, Soul, Gospel, Folk, Rock and then sub-divided and cross referenced by any number of sub-genres. IT IS MUSIC FOR GOODNESS SAKE. I also do it with my books and my comic collection: Thrillers, Romance, Adventure, Adult Themed (I keep those safely hidden away) and various other chronically anal references. Of course when compared to my mate Paul I am as nothing. He is the King of cataloguing and I take my hat off to him with due reference.

I guess it is what I call the Zappa effect. Maybe even the Beefheart syndrome. You see those guys, by their very nature and by the very sound of their music, went down several paths simultaneously. Zappa was a composer just Like Mozart. Every squeak, rattle and odd noise was written down. He conducted the Mothers but, just like Mozart, allowed for spontaneous improvisation to occur during live and recorded performances. The sound he made was orchestraljazzrandbDoWop. It wasn’t Jazz. It wasn’t R and B, It wasn’t Rock. It wasn’t DoWop. It was, well, er actually…Zappa.

Fekenham is the same. It is Adventureromancecomdey.

It isn’t Fekenham that concerns me though, it is The London Chronicles.

The essays began with my walks around Essex. The book was titled The Wilful Walks of Russell Duffy.

The images used were average when compared to Dave’s incredible artwork but that is beside the point. Marketing likes to set its stall out with clearly defined parameters. They also like, those pesky market boys and girls,and for very good reasons, a series of books that are easily identifiable by the public.

Personally I couldn’t give a flying wotsit what the books are called but continuity does matter. The solution is, I think, rather than having a set of different titles through the series is to have one: The Wilful Walks of.

Then comes the bit that has been bugging me: Vigor. Not the man, not the falling out. Time takes its own time to let things heal. It was this: The Walks of Duffy and Vigor. It seemed wrong. Not because it included Dave’s name but for reasons I couldn’t fathom. It then occurred in this sluggish mind of mine... what does it matter? The Wilful Walks OF…Russell Duffy and whomever! Vigor, Aunt Fanny, Highly Elasticated Musthavealargeone…ANYONE.

The partner in question, Dave or Mark or the Pope, should he be free from doing whatever it is Popes do, would rightly get half of the profits but the series would go on and on and on and, well, a bit like me really, on. The Wilful Walks of…Yeah, that is the solution. It would allow me to write my personal journey bringing in elements of my own growing search for spirituality whilst also encouraging others to ‘walk’ with me as it were.

all words and art are copyright © of Russell 'C.J' Duffy. For another side of CJ go here: sOMeThiNg For tHE wEeKeND, SiR?

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