Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mundane Thoughts on a Thursday

Putting to one side the comedy duo names of Romney and Gingrich, old Mitt and Newt, the American election, a vaudeville of celebrity to these very British eyes, seems to be profiling the least interesting candidates in living memory. They both appear to be lacklustre in the extreme without either having any real manifesto to speak off. I am confident the American voting public will see through the veneer of both men revealing them to be inept chancers.

This awful influx of mundane politicians is not isolated to our cousins over the pond but can also be found here in the UK. Cameron and Clegg are hardly the sort you'd advertise to Americans as being the kind you would want to lead your nation. Is it the politicians at fault here or is it the way modern life now breeds grey men with grey ideas? They all seem more concerned with how they look rather than what they represent. All are short on substance and high on presentation. Blair was the first British PM to adopt the idea of smiling a lot, looking good in front of the camera whilst being able to talk what appeared to be a lot of sense. At least on that front he was better than Bush who looked awful even when he smiled and spoke like a bit actor from Planet of the Apes. I was never a big fan of either Reagan or Thatcher but at least both seemed sincere.

That’s the thing with contemporary living, everything seems so false. We now have reality reshaped the better to fit some marketing man’s vision. Everything is geared to reducing the size of what we use so that small is better. This applies to the magnificent IPhone (how I would love one) that now has the Philips Fidelio SoundCurve Speaker with AirPlay so that you can dock your phone in and play all of your computerised, digital music. It sounds awful. It has no power. It has the same squawky sound as a sixties transistor radio. My daughter plays hers all the time but then she can afford to buy such devices as she earns incredible money. Even so, it still begs the question: why are we so gullible?

When I want service I would like to be able to speak to some person, not a telephone answering device that reels off an endless list or menu of options. Please don’t tell me this is service. This is the very opposite. It is an appalling way to run a business. When at work I would like for someone to assist me when the PC or Mac break down, I do not want to speak to some remote IT bod, I want them to resolve the situation for me. Surely having two people working on the one problem is not cost effective? I love Kraftwerk. They were one of the forerunners to techno music. They sang about showroom dummies on one of their songs. Here is my alternative poem on a similar theme:

I knew a girl who had digital breasts

Her nipples numeric, her areole compressed

When we made love she groaned like a fax

Her impulses electronic sustained to the max.

I will and have been accused of being out of touch, a Luddite, of being a dinosaur none of which is true. Like the generation, I came from I challenge all I encounter, all I see and am not afraid to say, paraphrasing the Who here that I won’t get fooled again. The old boss really is the same as the boss and dressing things up as being an innovation of modernity is so much horse manure. As a child, we had things delivered: milk, groceries, clothes and books and yes, even LP’s (that is Long Playing Record to those that have no idea). The idea that going online is a great innovation is a balderdash. You have always been able to do have home deliveries but now it fits a commercial and lifestyle plan set out for you by some faceless spare part.

I guess, at the end of the day, some honesty wouldn’t go amiss and that, unlike Hydrogen, is not the most plentiful thing in the universe.

all words and art are copyright © of Russell 'C.J' Duffy. For another side of CJ go here: sOMeThiNg For tHE wEeKeND, SiR?

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