Sunday, 25 March 2012

The day dawned like any other. There was nothing particularly different about this day than yesterday or the day before. Hitting fifty eight, apart from making me giggle at the unlikely event of my reaching such an age, was pretty unremarkable. I mean, how can someone of the punk generation concede to age or even the passage of time? Well, not without a fight anyway and as for dignity….

Lucky fellow that I am having such generous children I was fortunate to receive the gifts I wanted including a Natalie Clein CD, the Tintin and Johnny English DVD’s, money from Mum (always welcome) and a shirt from Thumbscrew.

As Tweezil wanted to buy us a Chinese for our evening meal which meant us all gathering together for that, I didn’t get to see anyone until the evening. That isn’t strictly true as Thumbscrew, Jimbob and Squid all sauntered into my room proffering cards and presents but it wasn’t until the evening when we all sat down together. This gave me time to do some writing. Normally, I would have mown the grass at both front and back before continuing with my regular routine of sawing up tree limbs and branches but since Jasmine decided to do that chore I settled to work on Fekenham.

I wrote a little over 1,000 words and then went for a walk through the woods and over the fields but sadly not far away, maybe another time?

I was truly touched by the flood of facebook comments. I always have my face in a book but seldom use the internet namesake. So many people wishing me a happy birthday was both a surprise and a treat to my ego. Good to see Lorna now using that tool.

All in all a good day if a little tainted by the physical absence of someone I used to depend on.

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