Sunday, 19 February 2012

Animal Instincts

Like all animal instincts hate has a place, it has a purpose. It is born of fear or of hurt, a reaction to a primal impulse meant to make the recipient flee in terror or turn and fight. As the offspring of fear and rage, hate could be said to be illegitimate. Once the threat has passed both fear and anger dissipate. Hate often outstays its welcome if ever one was received in the first place. If hate is allowed no exit it turns, like ravenous cancer, upon its host either vanquishing or subjugating all other emotions smothering them with its dark burden.

In giving herself to hate she committed to an emotion more powerful than she thought conceivable, more consuming than either love or despair and in so doing she effectively became the tool of the thing she unleashed, not its master but its slave.

Time is passing. It is a constant cascade of seconds tumbling into minutes that free fall into hours. Days pass dragging months behind them as seasons follow in their wake. Life is for the living, an exercise in the present as the future takes care of itself. Life is a gift and in the giving comes the responsibility to those we share existence with. When hate spills into the river of life it poisons the environment around it. It may be a cliché but nonetheless remains true: love is the only antidote for hate for without love all is a waste.

all words and art are copyright © of Russell 'C.J' Duffy. For another side of CJ go here: sOMeThiNg For tHE wEeKeND, SiR?

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