Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Prayer always looks so damn easy but I haven’t the foggiest notion how to go about it. I used to as a child when Mum made me but my heart was never really in it. Now I am not sure if I should kneel on the floor with my hands clasped in front of me or stand with head bowed. I adopt a Buddhist, Hindu cross legged pose and concentrate as I meditate. If He is out there then He will surely be laughing his socks off now. I have never understood why so many Christians feel the need to adopt a supplicant’s pose. Is it to show respect to the almighty? Surely someone as powerful as the great creator doesn’t have such a human ego? I pray as I did when I was a child. Not sure if it’s working or not and remembering what my mother said when I was young. “If you don’t mean it the he’ll know.” Well I do mean it. The problem I have is praying to a myth, to a deity that doesn’t exist. I feel both foolish and hypocritical but I remember that I am not doing this for my benefit. I am doing it for my mother and if God is there and is so goodly and upright then He will surely be a better version of me? I forgive. I love. I believe in peace and harmony. I believe that the ten thousand things and I are one. Hare, hare, hare, shiva, shiva shanka hare rama.

“There are many paths up the mountain side all leading to the same summit. Only a fool would say his way is the only way.”


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Michelle said...

Some days I am still uncomfortable with prayer. So I try to get out of my head and into my heart. I think your desire to pray, to do something for your mother, is your prayer.

I have (and do) wrestle with some of the same questions you bring up: http://www.delicateawakening.blogspot.com/search/label/groveling%20to%20God

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Michelle>>>Your personal faith is good. I find that organised anything is highly dubious. You once said to me in answer to something I said about how religion has caused wars that it is not religion or faith that does that but men. Men make ules to suit them selves. They are not God's rules. I for one see the term God as being a focus for what we all believe in and that is intrinsically our spiritual goodness or at least the search for it. To my way of thinking God is not going to care much if I belive in him or not so long as I follow the rules that all mankind, with a few notable exceptions believe in. Love, truth, tolerance, kindness etc.

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