Thursday, 10 November 2011

November 10th 2011

After the high of yesterday with Squid and co; and the promise of another lovely evening on Friday, today was a little dull. Work played out the usual tune although we did have an event down in the 'Street.' Red Astaire's idea of having two pop-up stands with a trestle table covered with a black tablecloth decorated with various items of print we had produced looked like something out of a WI fete. It was awful. I felt embarrassed to be there. Still, the day went quickly enough.

When I arrived home both Jasmine and Emily were out. I ate my dinner of canned soup before settling down to write. Chapter twenty four now has 1,000 words and features, so far, Doctor Enoch Grumble. The chapter will continue but with more of poor old Egbert Roe before concluding with possibly a look at Arnold Drip's home life.

My intention is to get the Enema Bandit written, edited and amended by the middle of December, earlier if possible. Then I will need to concentrate on Fekenham book four which already has some chapters prepared.

Four books onto Kindle should be enough to start with. Book four can then follow if there is demand for it soon after. That will then give me time to write books five and six although they wouldn’t be ready until later in 2012.

I may even, if Fekenham proves a success, publish my ‘Erotic Sketches.’ I will have to think about that before making one of my impetuous decisions!

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