Monday, 16 May 2011

May 16th 2011

Didn’t have to take Squid to the hospital as her face is back to its beautiful normal self - Told Mum who seemed a little disappointed but not with the fact her granddaughters face is better but more to do with not being needed to help with family issues.

The day was a little slower at work than it has been which is no bad thing as it gives me time to think and sort the mess of the last few months. Heard David Cameron on the radio this morning having to admit that the NHS is now the best it has ever been which is sort of a back handed compliment to Tony Blair albeit grudgingly given and with proviso’s thrown in. The present government are determined to make changes which can only lead to cut backs.

A recent survey conducted by a totally independent, non-politically aligned, organisation looked at all the countries in the world an awarded them positions in terms of wealth, social mobility, health, life styles etc; Britain came out with flying colours. As an independent company they could not profess an opinion but the inference about the UK was this – there is only one set of people who do not like England and that, sadly, are the English. They are, as the Aussies always tease us, whingers and whiners who like to moan and speak of the good old days. My Mum, bless her, does but when you question her knowing that she lived through the 30’s depression, World War 2 and the austerity of Britain in the 50‘s you feel like asking when precisely were these ‘great times?’ The 90’s and early 2000;s were great when we lived through the boom but booms are always followed by the bust years and here we are again.

Got home to a silent house. Jasmine out and the Jaime and Squid didn’t hear me when I called out so I ate some dinner then read Jane Austen.

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Perfect Virgo said...

Michelle has just picked upP&P for her Kindle. Amazon USA are offering it for free along with many other classics. I know it's a shameless way of promoting their e-reader but it would only take a dozen or so books like that to recover the cost of the hardware.

I like the principal but already have more than enough small electronic devices!

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

PV>>>I too would like to have one BUT...when I go on holiday will I care if I drop my paperback on the beach>
If I drop my paperback in the bath will I care?
If I leave my paperback on a plane or train will I care.
A litle.
I know that once you have to kindle or Ipad the books are effectively stored on my PC but the thought of having such a splendid startrekian device, great though it is and as much as i want one, worries me a bit in light of the cost compared with traditional books.

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