Friday, 25 March 2011

March 25th 2011

Just as I thought, I feel the same today as I did yesterday in fact as I did ten years ago. A little fuller in the waist maybe but nothing more than that.

Had some nice things from everyone. a CD from Charlotte (Adele's 21), a casual but cool shirt from Tumbscrew, smart shirt and trousers from Jasmine. Mum's present will be with me tomorrow as will Grace's, Jamie, so typical of him, is stuck in the post office in Chelmsford. Apparently, it was delivered twice but on each occasion, there was no one at home so they took it back for him to collect.

My waist is causing me problems though as I am no longer in the position to simply refit my wardrobe and so I have ‘upped’ my fitness regime to compensate. More walks, more gardening and less, if it is possible, food.


Who would have thought it?

The baby boomers are growing old!

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