Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March 23rd 2011

Today was the budget. I slipped out at lunch time to the local Asda to listen as George Osborne gave his speech to the house of commons. It was a parade of words down a corridor framed by mirrors and wreathed in smoke. The Tories do what the Tories do best and that is make cuts. The Liberals were noticeable by their silence.

In my life there have been a number of Prime Ministers, from Macmillan of my childhood to David Cameron. There have been some characters who strode the stage lit by popularity and others who slid into the grey shade. People long for strong leaders. Margaret Thatcher was a case in point but her achievements, notably getting the British economy back on tracks is the one we all remember even if we like to forget the fact that it was she who closed the pits down only for the next (pink) Tories, under Tony Blair, to open them again as we need coal for energy. Such lack of vision is not uncommon. Blair probably had more vision than Thatcher even if it was largely in re-shaping Labour into a mild form of Conservatism.

What we need in this country is not a Churchill (great during the war), not a Thatcher (great when times were tight), not a Blair (great when the money was there) but another Clement Attlee. Someone with vision.

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