Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well, that was a year that was wasn't it?
From ten years of, what appeared to be, if not THE best economy in the world then certainly one of 'em, to a major recession.
I blame the yanks.
The never have liked us.
I first got my suspicions when they kicked us out back in mad George's time, well, them and the pesky French, they certainly didn't like like us.
Still, and more seriously, onwards and upwards. Recessions come and recessions go. Things will right themselves in the end and then we can all get back on the crazy merry go round (again).

Work (real job) has been hectic over the last few weeks with me rising at five and not getting home until nine in the evening. Not that I mind but it has managed to screw up my writing somewhat. Fekenham book two has suffered the most BUT I did manage to write five thousand words during the Yuletide break (should have been fifteen but hey ho). This mad work period has also prevented me from being able to send out any of my manuscripts to any literary agents. THIS IS NOW A PRIORITY.

Christmas was good. Great to be with my children. Grace got a Wii console and we all played on it. The tennis is good but don't get me near the boxing - I get too aggressive and could be seen advancing on the TV set in a violent way!

Anyway, here we are in 2009. I wonder what this year will throw at us.

PS. With my normal aplomb and reckless neck, I have embarked on yet another mad blog adventure.One doomed for success. SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND is very British and very daft. You will love it. Go on, take a gander.You will find it here:

I have also, much thanks to Tictac, posted something here: Comics

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{illyria} said...

it was a wonderful year, despite all the trials. i'm so jealous you got a Wii. one day, when i get my own, we'll have to battle.

that said, happy new year! i hope it's an even greater one for us. (well, yanks included.) :)

C.J.Duffy said...

{illyria}>>>Happy New Year to you too! And the YANKS (Gods bless 'em)

Perfect Virgo said...

Happy Hew Year CJ! And as {i} says let's hope it's a great one. I will drop you a line soon.

C.J.Duffy said...

PV>>>I hope you have a great one too mate and things improve for you and yours. I look forward ro hearing from you soon.

weirsdo said...

We yankees blame the rebs/red states.

C.J.Duffy said...

Weirsdo>>>I'm all for those rebs. The south will rise again!

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