Saturday, 10 November 2007

Phase One: The Approach.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all the sweet and generous people who have supplied me with testimonials. You all know who you are; I cannot thank you enough.

The first wave of packs (Letter, Synopsis, Curriculum Vitae) goes out on the 25th July 2008. I am ready for untold rejection, I have, in my time, been a salesman and therefore used to being told, in no uncertain terms, thanks but no thanks.

The Village Tales of Fekenham Swarberry (Book One) is complete, although my un-named friend continues to correct my flawed English. With that done, I can now start on book 2. The first chapter is underway with Ethel Blowvalve running like a Hippo for a bus. More of the same old cartoonishly named characters but this time the whole village goes on a charabanc trip to France.

I still am filled with a curious mix of fear and excitement. Fear that no one will want to publish me; excitement that they might. We will see.

All in all, there are four stories ready for publishing apart from my Fekenham stuff. There are a couple of short story's, both of which I would like to see illustrated but so far have not been able to find an artist willing to work with me, plus 'Twist', which I started here and also a collection of odd bits that may, or may not, be book worthy. First things first though; let's get Fekenham published.

I hope to shortly return to this site with some new words, story's etc.

See you all soon.

all words and art are copyright © of C.J.Duffy.


Middle Ditch said...

CJ I have e-mailed you the testimonial. Please let me know if it arrived. Fingers crossed for the publication


cocaine jesus said...

Monique>>>It did and thank you very much for writting such a splendid testimonial. I will need as many fingers crossed as possible.

weirsdo said...

Best of luck, and I hope the characters have frog legs while they're in France ; )

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